2020 APTA Nationals Volunteer Registration

Area members of the APTA and all paddle enthusiasts are welcome to volunteer for the 2020 Championships, held in Darien, hosted by the Country Club of Darien. Volunteers play vital roles in player check in, as hut commanders, score keepers, with hospitality and logistics. Your participation is essential for the success of the 2020 event.

Please copy and paste in an email, then fill out form and return to stephjojordan@marchtomarch2020.org

To order your Volunteer Jacket and 2020 APTA Gear, select https://2020aptanationalsvolunteers.itemorder.com/sale


General Information



Cell Phone

Club Affiliation

Town of Residence

Volunteer Opportunities

Please check all that interest you. If you are interested but do not know your schedule yet then select the appropriate box.

  • I am really interested and will mark my availability below.
  • I am interested but do not know my schedule however please keep me on the volunteer list.

Hut Commander Volunteers at Area Clubs

As the hut commander, you will act as the facility manager, supplies coordinator, tournament ambassador, score reporter and expert in all things local. There will be two tutorial sessions offered, attendence is only required for one of the sessions. The sessions will be held in the CCD paddle hut. We will reach out to all hut commanders once the dates are comfirmed.

I am available to be a hut commander:

  • Thursday Morning (March 5th)
  • Thursday Afternoon (March 5th)
  • Friday Morning (March 6th)
  • Friday Afternoon (March 6th)
  • Saturday Morning (March 7th)
  • Saturday Afternoon (March 7th)
  • Sunday Morning (March 8th)

We will do our best to put you either at your own club or near the town you reside in. If you are signing up to be a paddle hut commander you must attend the training on Sunday March 1st at 3pm at the CCD Golf Halfway House.

Nationals Check-In 

at Country Club of Darien

You will be responsible for checking in players for the tournament, lunch, distributing badges, providing area directions along with displaying a hearty and warm welcome to all players.

I am available to help with Player Check-in:

  • Friday (March 7th) 6pm-10pm (Player Dinner)
  • Saturday (March 7th) 10am-2pm (Lunch Check-in)
  • Saturday (March 8th) 6pm-9pm (Player BBQ)
  • Sunday (March 8th) 10am-2pm (Lunch Check-in)

Please note the player check in for Saturday BBQ and Sunday lunch check -in will be outside so dress accordingly.

Logistic Opportunities – Before and During the Tournament.

Work with the logistics team and help with the distribution of balls, supplies and food to area huts. Runners will collect items from CCD and replenish particpating clubs huts with supplies.

  • Sunday afternoon (March 1) 3pm-6pm
  • Tuesday evening (March 3rd) 5:30-9:00pm
  • Wednesday evening (March 4th) 6pm-9pm
  • Thursday evening (March 5th) 6pm-8pm
  • Friday evening (March 6th) 6pm-8pm
  • Saturday afternoon (March 7th) 10am – 2pm

General Volunteering 

Assist in communications with hut commanders, work with the tournament committee on arising issues, act as a runner, assist with parking, seating on show courts and welcoming spectators.

I am available to help as a general volunteer;

  • Friday Morning (March 6th)
  • Friday Mid Day (March 6th)
  • Friday Late afternoon (March 6th)
  • Saturday Morning (March 7th)
  • Saturday Mid Day (March 7th)
  • Saturday Late Afternoon (March 7th)
  • Saturday Evening (March 7th)
  • Sunday Morning (March 8th)
  • Sunday Afternoon (March 8th)

Please let us know if you are computer savvy as it is helpful in selecting Area Captains for Live Scoring.

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5 thoughts on “2020 APTA Nationals Volunteer Registration

  1. Hello-
    I worked as a hut volunteer last time.
    Very familiar with all clubs and protocol.
    Happy to help on a week day


    1. Kim,
      For some reason I am just seeing this stream of communication. Are you still available to be a hut commander either Thursday or Friday? If so are able to attend training tomorrow at CCD at 3pm?
      Thank you!
      Steph Jordan


  2. I am available to help out.
    I do not know how to fill in the information to volunteer.
    If you need volunteers for the 2020 APTA Nationals,
    please contact me with proper instructions.
    Thank you.
    Deborah Meyers


    1. DEBORAH, thanks for your response. Please cut and paste the document in your email, select or place X’s next to the days and the areas you would like to help. Thank you,


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